The following is a list of Faculty and Staff who are members of Phi Beta Kappa, elected by the chapters where they went to college or university.

President Harvey Stenger was inducted into our chapter as an honorary member on April 22, 2018.

Faculty and Staff Members of the Binghamton Psi Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa

Professor Nancy Appelbaum
Professor Martin Bidney
Professor Herbert Bix
Professor Mark Blumler
Professor Elisa Camiscioli
Professor John Chaffee
Jeremy Dibbell, Librarian
Professor Patricia DiLorenzo
Professor Deborah Elliston
Professor Alex Feingold
Provost Donald Hall
Professor Margaret Iwobi
Professor Matthew Johnson
Professor Emeritus Gerald Kadish
Professor Dikran Karagueuzian
Professor Clifford Kern
Professor Maneesha Lal
Ms. Leslie Levene
Professor Harold Lewis
Professor Thomas McDonough
Professor Andrew Milnor
Professor Emerita Rosmarie Morewedge
Professor Donald G. Nieman
Professor Zoja Pavlovskis-Petit
Professor Maxim Pensky
Professor Richard P. Pindell
Professor Emeritus Robert Pompi
Professor Richard Pindell
Professor Mahua Sarkar
Professor Melvin Shefftz
Professor Kathryn Sklar
Professor Linda Spear
Professor John Starks 
President Harvey Stenger
Professor Dana E. Stewart
Professor Susan Strehle
Professor Daniel Studenmund
Professor Lisa Tessman
Professor Emerita Elizabeth Tucker
Professor Leigh Ann Wheeler

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