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Happy Birthday Songs

Beatles Style Happy Birthday Number 1
Beatles Style Happy Birthday Number 2
Gershwin Style Happy Birthday
Standard Style Happy Birthday
Swinging Style Happy Birthday
Tiny Happy Birthday

Beatles Songs

Blackbird Number 1
Blackbird Number 2
Here Comes The Sun 1
Here Comes The Sun 2
Michelle My Belle
Norwegian Wood 1
Norwegian Wood 2
When I'm Sixtyfour

Jazz, Rock and Pop Music

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Chantilly Lace - The Big Bopper
Another Night

Music from Final Fantasy II

Rosa's Theme
Zeromus Theme

Classical Music

Rhapsody in Blue
Canzion 1
Canzion 2
Gabrieli 1
Gabrieli 2
Magnum Opus
Masterpiece Theater Theme
Pure Triumph

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