TI-BA-II-Plus quick guide.

This is only a quick guide. Here, is a TI-BA-II-Plus complete manual.

  • To turn on the calculator on, press [ON/OFF].

  • To turn on the calculator off, press [ON/OFF].

  • To set the number of decimal places that show on your calculator from 2 to 9, press

    [2nd], [FORMAT], [9], [ENTER], [2nd], [QUIT].

  • Memory

    There are 9 entries in the memory. To store the number in display in the i-th place of the memory, type the number and then [STO] [i]. To recall the value in the i--th place of the memory, press [RCL] [i].

  • Erase the memory in the Calculator

    [2nd], [MEM], [2nd], [CLR WORK] --clears all 10 memory locations and the display.

    [2nd], [QUIT], [2nd], [CLR TVM] --clears the TVM (Time Value of Money) worksheet.

    [2nd], [CLR WORK]--clears worksheets other than the TVM worksheet.

    [CE/C] --clears the entire display, but not the memory.

  • Period per Year Setting

    The interest can compounded [C/Y] times per year. The payments can made [P/Y] times per year. Usually, we need that both quantities are equal to one. To change to 1 period/year, press
    [2nd], [P/Y], 1, [enter], [⇓], 1, [enter], [2nd], [QUIT]

  • Time Value of Money (TVM)

    The TVM keys are located on the third row from the top of the keyboard.

    [N], [I/Y], [PV], [PMT], [FV]
    Enter all variables but one, then press
    [CPT], ["unknown variable"]
    where "unknown variable" is any of the five variables above. To recall the value in the memory in any of the variables in the TVM worksheet, type
    [RCL], ["variable"]
  • Interest Conversion

    To recall, the value in the one of the TMV keys, press [RCL] and then the corresponding key. To enter the interest conversion worksheet, press
    [2nd], [ICONV]
    In the interest conversion worksheet, there are 3 entries: [NOM], [EFF], [C/Y]. Move from one entry to the next, using either [⇑] or [⇓]. When you are in one entry you can either enter a new value in that entry or to calculate the value in that entry. To enter a number in an entry, type the number and then press [ENTRY]. To compute the value in an entry, using the values in the memory in the other entries, press [CPT]. To exit the interest conversion worksheet, press
    [2nd], [QUIT]