Collin Bleak's Homepage


For Spring 2006, I am teaching Math 323 (Calculus III) and Math 108 (Pre-Calculus). Below, find links with some descriptive information for these courses. Note that the link to Math 108 corresponds to Dick Sileo's notes for the course.

Research Description

My current research is primarily focussed on classifying the structures of subgroups of the group PLo(I) of piecewise linear homeomorphisms of the unit interval with finitely many breaks in slope, under the operation of composition. I consider this to be one part of a larger project building a theory of groups modelled in PLo(I). Note that PLo(I) contains R. Thompson's group F as a subgroup, so my research impacts the theory of F as well. Here is my Research Statement, as of Fall 2005.

Papers and Talks and Such ...

Here is a copy of my dissertation, and here is an informal description of the algebraic results there.

Here is an outdated description of my papers. Two are submitted, and one is about to be submitted.

I post to the Arxives, and old versions of papers/and or preprints can be found there.

Here is a slide version of the talk: ``Solvability in Groups of Piecewise-linear Homeomorphisms of the Unit Interval." Which I gave at Bard for the AMS and also at Binghamton University and Cornell University in Fall 2005.