Math 304 Home Page

Spring 2019

This is the information and announcements page for Math 304. Dated announcements and links to other sources of information are posted here. Please check this page regularly.

General Information

Information about the course, including text, meeting times and places, grading, and homework policies is in the syllabus.

Useful Links: Notes and quizzes from the coordinator's section. Complete version of the textbook. Sample true/false and multiple choice questions.

Homework on WebWork: Here are some notes on the homework system, which may be helpful.

Help Room Schedule: If you cannot see your instructor during office hours, you are welcome to visit the help rooms. Although other courses have priority, if nothing else is going on the TAs there may be able to help you. The schedule will be posted here.

Tutors: Information about tutoring services here.

Other Resources: See this page for a few other resources that may be of interest.

Dated Announcements

May 11: In case you need them: blank copies of midterm 1, with multiple choice, and of midterm 2, with multiple choice.

May 8: A review session will be held Wednesday, May 15th from 11am-2pm in UU120.

May 8: The alternate exam will be held Tuesday May 14th at 12:50pm in WH 309. Space is limited and you must make arrangements with your instructor to take this exam.

April 26: Aggregate data for Midterm 2: mean 97, standard deviation 22. Average score on the multiple choice section was about 11 questions right.

April 24: Solutions to Midterm 2 are available. First part. Multiple Choice.

April 14: Rooms for Midterm 2, scheduled for Wednesday April 17 at 7pm: Students with special arrangements like unusual start times, students in sections 5 and 6, and students in Sections 3, 4 and 8 whose last names start with A or B go to LH 008 (capacity 227). For all other students: Sections 3 and 4 go to AAG008 (capacity 131). Sections 1 and 2 go to S1 149 (capacity 176) Sections 7 and 8 go to EB 110 (capacity 150).

March 28: Midterm 2, scheduled for Wednesday April 17 at 7pm, will cover through the end of Chapter 13. On page 237, the textbook has an announcement saying "you are now ready to attempt the second sample midterm". If you haven't reached that point yet, please keep reading!

March 27: Solutions to Midterm 1 are available. First part. Multiple Choice.

March 11: Midterm 2 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 at 7pm and will cover all the material through Chapter 12 (inclusive). Stay tuned for room assignments.

March 11: Midterm 1 has been graded; the average score was 86 and the standard deviation 19.

March 11: If you wish to request regrading of midterm 1, you must make this request in writing to your instructor, before Spring Break, and clearly indicate the specific issue. For example, "I wrote: see back of page 5, and my work on the back of page 5 was ignored." If you do request regrading, we will look at your entire test, and your score may go up or down.

March 5: Regarding problems on midterm 1: the syllabus states "problems for [the] tests will be largely of the three types mentioned above", (namely homework duplicates, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice [of which T/F is a special case]). All instructors have seen multiple drafts of the current exam and can verify that this statement is accurate.

March 3: Midterm 1 is on March 6 at 7pm. Everyone should bring their student ID and a number 2 pencil. (There is a scantron to fill out.) Students who have conflicts, require unusual starting times, or who are entitled to extra time, go to LH 008. Students in Sections 4,5,6, and 8 go to LH 008. Students not covered by the previous sentences, including most of those in Sections 1,2,3, and 7, go to S1 149.

February 25: There is a sample midterm 1, with solutions, in the textbook. Warning: tests from previous semesters are not appropriate preparation. In earlier semesters a different textbook was used, which treated topics in a different order.

February 10: The WebWork system allows you to email the instructors. Use this feature sparingly! (You are emailing at least seven people.) An appropriate use of the system is reporting a problem that gives an error message. An inappropriate use of the system is asking for an extension on the problem set.

February 8: The deadline for the homework set Systems of Linear Equations has been extended to February 12.

February 8: Please note that in defining a set of solutions to a system of linear equations, only the set of solutions matters. The names of the variables defining it do not. See page 46 in the text.

February 8: You should be reading the text carefully enough that after you finish a given page, you should know whether or not there was a typo on that page.

January 29: In the pdf version of the textbook above, links for reading homework problems should take you directly to WebWork where you can do the problem immediately.

January 21: In this post, Greg Mankiw, an economist who was the chair of Harvard's economics department and served on the president's council of economic advisers, writes that "if you are thinking about a PhD program in economics, you are advised to take math courses until it hurts." This advice holds for a variety of future career and study plans, and the math to be studied surely includes linear algebra.