Math 304 Multiple Choice and True/False Problems

Spring 2019

These problems are organized by the chapters of a different textbook, Linear Algebra, by Matt Brin and Gerald Marchesi. For the sake of establishing correspondence with our text, the chapters of Brin and Marchesi cover:

  1. Systems of Linear Equations
  2. Matrix Algebra
  3. The Vector Spaces R^n
  4. General Vector Spaces
  5. Determinants, Characteristic Polynomials, and Eigenvalues
  6. Orthogonality
  7. The Symmetric Matrix Theorem

Chapter 1: True/False Ch1TF
Chapter 1: Multiple Choice Ch1MC
Chapter 2: True/False Ch2TF
Chapter 2: Multiple Choice Ch2MC
Chapter 3: True/False Ch3TF
Chapter 3: Multiple Choice Ch3MC
Chapter 4: True/False Ch4TF
Chapter 4: Multiple Choice Ch4MC
Chapter 5: True/False Ch5TF
Chapter 5: Multiple Choice Ch5MC
Chapter 6: True/False Ch6TF
Chapter 6: Multiple Choice Ch6MC
Chapter 7: True/False Ch7TF
Chapter 7: Multiple Choice Ch7MC

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