Math 603 Home Page

Spring 2012

Two important pieces of information: first, the course is scheduled to meet MWF 9:40. I want to find a fourth hour during the week and we need to agree on a time during the first meeting. I am willing to consider alternative schedules that don't involve 4 weekly meetings. Second, the announced text, Eisenbud's Commutative Algebra, is something of a reference work. I plan to start the course by lecturing out of Miles Reid's Undergraduate Commutative Algebra, which is less encyclopedaic and more approachable. The word "undergraduate" in the title of this text is, in my view, best interpreted to mean "not using homological methods". Much of the same material can be found in Dummitt and Foote, starting in chapter 15.

Some information about the course is in the syllabus.

Contacting me: the best way is by email: I do not read my email very frequently.

The homework assignments will be listed here.