Math 304-06: Linear Algebra

Fall 2023

To the main 304 course site for Fall 2023. Most of the information you need is there. Most specific information for my section, 06, is on Brightspace. Here is some additional information


  Thomas Zaslavsky
  Office: WH-216

Office hours

My regular office hours are M, W, F: 1:00–3:00. Drop in! You do not need an appointment. If I'm not in my office, I am probably nearby and will be back shortly... If I'm talking with someone, be sure to let me know you are there, or I might never notice (seriously).
Also by appointment at other times. See me or email to make an appointment.

Course goals

Develop theoretical and computational skills in basic linear algebra in low and high dimensions.

Four-dimensional geometry

This entertaining story about a four-dimensional house is recommended (and nontechnical).

Homework Readings and Problems

I will not cover everything in lectures; you have to learn a lot by reading for yourself.

I encourage you to form study groups. Discussion with other students is a big part of learning math.

I expect everyone to read the assigned sections carefully before the lecture.

Important notes on functions. This explains and supplements the beginning of section 1.8.

Homework assignments

See the main 304 site. You will benefit if you religiously do the homework. I highly recommend the problems in the textbooks (see the main 304 page for the list). I do encourage you to work together. That does not include looking up solutions on line (or off line), not even at Khan Academy, whose solutions often are not good. If you find a solution on line, DO NOT USE IT. I know from experience that using outside resources tends to lower your grade. Instead, email me or see me in person.

Examinations and grading

See the 304 course site.

Practice exams


There will be many short quizzes. There are no make-up quizzes. There will be quizzes approximately weekly, usually on Friday.

Previous quizzes:

Exam policy

See the 304 course site. Notably:

Classroom behavior

Always turn your cell phone to silent before entering the classroom. No cell phone use is allowed except for classwork, such as consulting the textbook. If you do use your phone otherwise, I may confiscate your device for the rest of the class.

To the main 304 course site.