Introductory and Algebraic Graph Theory

Math 510: Spring 2018
Thomas Zaslavsky

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Course Guide

The class will begin with introductory graph theory, based on the first chapter of Diestel, Graph Theory (2005 edition, available from me). The main part will be based on Godsil and Royle, Algebraic Graph Theory, covering graph automorphisms and matrix theory (a.k.a. linear algebra) for graphs. The course will also contain and possibly conclude with signed graphs and research papers.


Thomas Zaslavsky
Office WH-216
Office hours (I promise to be around); you can see me at other times if I'm here or if you make an appointment.

Course objectives

The goal is for you to learn and become comfortable with

Course procedures

[Will appear soon! In the meantime:]

Grades will be based on the following:

I expect you to learn much of the material from reading the books. I will not try to lecture on everything. I will use the classes to explain, to show techniques, and for discussions, as well as some lecturing.

Also, I want you to ask questions about anything that is not clear (from readings, lectures, or whatever) during class as well as in office hours and by e-mail.

Syllabus | Assignments | Information & announcements | Meetings and Sessions