Instructor: Tom Zaslavsky
Office: LN 2231
Office phone: X 2201

Office hours (no appointment necessary):
M 10-1, Tu 12-1, F 12-1.

Textbook: Stewart, "Single Variable Calculus," 3rd edition (1995). We will cover almost all of chapters 5-10.

Grading System: There will be 500 course points. Your grade will be based on your test total, modified by any quiz grades and other class participation.

Tests: Tuesdays: 10/1, 10/29, 12/3 100 points each. Final Exam: 200 points.

Attendance: We meet M, Tu, W, F. Attendance is required every day.

Class structure: Each class will meet for an hour (except that tests will be longer). It will have a lecture on new material, followed by discussion of previously assigned HW problems. There may be an occasional quiz, not necessarily announced beforehand.

Readings: You will be expected to read the section before the lecture on it. This is so that you will learn more from the lecture. You should do the assigned HW problemspromptly after the lecture on that section. KEEP UP TO DATE. Calculus is not easy to cram.

Test Policy: You are responsible for everything covered in class and for all assigned readings and problems. NO MAKEUP TESTS will normally be allowed, but I will use my discretion. If you miss a test be prepared to document the reason. No early finals under any circumstances. If you have a question about any grade, you must see me before the next test.

HOMEWORK: Problems will not be graded; they will be discussed in class (as time allows). Any problem , not necessarily assigned, may be discussed. The homework assigned is a minimum. It is a sample of the various types of problems.

I do not expect you to have a graphing calculator (or computer). I suggest that you try to do all assigned problems without a graphing calculator (no matter what the book says). You could use a graphing calculator, if you wish, to check your work.

Extra Help: Besides asking questions in class and seeing me in my office, you can go to the Math. Dept.'s help room (LN 2216) or tutoring at the Center for Academic Excellence in the CIW Library. Also, I strongly recommend that you form a study group for discussing theory and homework, and that you consult classmates when you get stuck.

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