Math 510: Introduction to Graph Theory
Spring 2012

The course is for students in the second year and higher; it is not an introductory graduate course. The absolute minimum requirement is a good understanding of abstraction and a solid modern algebra background (as from a graduate course), and the more graduate math you know, the better (that's the famous "mathematical maturity"). If you aren't sure whether you might be interested or ready for this class, please see me.


Graph Theory by Reinhard Diestel, fourth edition (Springer-Verlag, 2010). The text can be read on line; there are also the table of contents, a cheap student PDF, etc.

We will cover as many chapters as we can, which is possibly about six to eight.

Combinatorics Seminar

The Combinatorics Seminar meets on Tuesdays at 1:15 in LN-2205. (Occasionally at a different time; check the schedule.) All 510 students are invited to attend (if the room is big enough for 510 students—Sorry, bad old joke, slap).

Supplementary Mathematics