Math 580A: Topics in Combinatorial Analysis

Graduate Study Seminar in Matroids and Biased Graphs


(This syllabus is enough for more than a semester!)

  1. Oxley, Matroid Theory, Chapter 7.

  2. ``Biased graphs. II. The three matroids'': Sections 2-3.

  3. ``The Möbius function and the characteristic polynomial''.

  4. ``The Geometry of Root Systems ...''.

  5. ``Biased graphs. III. Chromatic and dichromatic invariants'': most of Sections 3-6.

  6. Oxley, Chapter 9 on binary matroids.

  7. ``Biased graphs. IV. Geometrical realizations''.

  8. Oxley, Chapter 13 on regular matroids: parts.

  9. ``Biased graphs. V. Group and biased expansions''.

Supplementary Readings