Current Ph.D. students

  • Baozhen Wang

  • Zhou Wang

  • Xinhai Zhang

Former students

  • Qiyi Lu, Ph.D. 2015

    • Dissertation: Learning Partially Labeled Data in the High-dimensional, Low-sample Size Setting

    • Placement: Wells Fargo & Company

  • Lin Yao, Ph.D. 2019 (joint with Ganggang Xu)

    • Dissertation: James-Stein-Type Optimal Weight Choice for Frequentist Model Average Estimator

    • Placement: Inc.

  • Wenbo Wang, Ph.D. 2019

    • Dissertation: Set-Valued Classification Via Confidence Set Learning

    • Placement: Inc.

  • Chen Liang, Ph.D. 2019 (joint with Ganggang Xu; served as a caretaker advisor)

    • Dissertation: Goodness-of-fit Tests for Spatial Cluster Point Process Models

    • Placement: Inc.

  • Haomiao Meng, Ph.D. 2020

    • Dissertation: Machine Learning Methods on Selected Topics of Precision Medicine

    • Placement: Inc.