MATH 222 - Calculus II - Section 06

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Instructor Information

Instructor: Tom Zaslavsky
My home page:
Office: LN 2231
Phone: 777-2201

Office Hours: M, W: 1:30 - 2:50 p.m. and F: 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. (changed)
Please stop by! Office hours are times I promise to be available to answer questions without an appointment. Nothing you say in my office will be held against you! I'm also willing to make appointments for other times.

For extra help, besides my office, try:

Review Session

Sunday, December 14, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m., in SW-231.

Class Information


James Stewart, Single Variable Calculus, 6th edition. We will cover almost all of chapters 7–12. See the main course page for details.

Grading System

Your grade will be based on your tests, quizzes, homework, attendance, and class participation. Your semester score will be determined as follows:
  80 pts. (16%)Test 1Wednesday, Sept. 17, in class.
100 pts. (20%)MidtermTuesday evening, Oct. 21, 8:30-10:00 p.m. in LH 1.
    Be early; we don't give extra time to latecomers.
  80 pts. (16%)Test 3Friday, Dec. 5, in class.
Note the change of date.
  11 pts. (2%)Testlet 3.1Wednesday, Dec. 10, in class.
[Added to original schedule.]
200 pts. (40%)Final ExamTuesday, Dec. 16, 7:00-9:00 p.m. in LH room to be announced.
(Early finals are not possible.)
  29 pts. (6%)Attendance (9),
quizzes (10),
homework (10),
class participation, etc.
[Originally 40 pts. = 10 + 15 + 15; modified due to Testlet 3.1.]


Attendance is required every day. Absence at the last class before or after a holiday and on the day after a test will count double.

Class structure

Generally, each class will have a lecture on new material, followed by discussion of previously assigned HW problems. There may be a quiz.


Read the section before the lecture on it. This is so that you will learn more from the lecture. You should do the assigned HW problems promptly after the lecture on that section. Keep up to date. Calculus is not easy to cram.

You are responsible for everything covered in class and for all assigned readings and problems. For homework (but not tests) you will sometimes need a scientific calculator (one with trig and exponential functions).

Tests and Quizzes

There will be frequent quizzes, not always announced beforehand. They will be short. They will be credited in "quiz points", which are worth about 1/10 of a test point, i.e., not much.

Click here for general instructions for tests and quizzes.


The final exam is cumulative: it covers the whole course.
NO EARLY FINALS under any circumstances.

If you have a question about any grade, you must see me before the next test.

To interpret your test grades, see the tentative test guidelines.


Problems will be discussed in class (as time allows) and some homework will be collected (announced beforehand) and possibly graded. The homework I collect is a minimum: it is a sample of the various types of problems. For the complete homework assignment see the homework and lecture schedule page. We can discuss any problems, assigned or not, if time allows.

How to do homework

Work on the "recommended problems" first. When you have trouble, ask me about them in class or office hours—or go to the Calculus Help Room opposite the Math Office in LT 2nd floor. These problems (mostly odd-numbered) are for you to find out where you need to learn more. I'll be glad to answer questions about them.

I will no longer discuss the hand-in problems before they're collected. You're expected to work on the recommended problems first and ask about those.

Homework rules

Homework and class schedules

Extra Help

Besides asking questions in class and seeing me in my office, you can go to the Math Department's help room (LN 2216) at posted hours, or (I think) tutoring at the Center for Academic Excellence in CIW. Also, I strongly recommend that you form a study group and that you consult classmates when you get stuck.

There are very useful resources on the Web. In particular, you can self-study our course with the right sections from Visual Calculus (see the following list).

Help and Info on the Web

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