Math 581: Signed Graphs

Spring 2017

  Thomas Zaslavsky
  Office: WH-216

I will lecture on basic properties of signed graphs, with an emphasis on the connection with geometry via hyperplane arrangements.

Course goals
Develop knowledge and skills in an advanced area of graph theory.

Grading System
There will be occasional homework assignments.
The main part of grading will be by the students taking notes for each lecture (in a rotation) and preparing them in LaTeX so they can be compiled and edited by me into a complete set of notes for the course.
There will not be exams.

The course materials

There is no textbook. I mean that a textbook—or any book—for signed graphs does not exist.

The closest there is will be the completed notes. The notes in their current state can be found here, in PDF.

The original homework problems can be found here, also in PDF (typed up by Chris Eppolito). The additional late homework problem can be found here, in PDF (also typed by Chris, edited by me).

Tips on good LaTeX preparation can be found here. Please do not ignore them.