Netsuke Sculptures Collected

by Alex J. Feingold

I have loved netsuke, the beautifully carved tiny artworks of Japan, since I first saw the incredible collection of them in the British Museum. The first one below shows three mice in a barrel filled to the brim with apples. It is 2 and 1/8" high. Others shown include one ivory netsuke of an old man with a long walking stick and carrying a child, a wood netsuke of a family of frogs, and then two netsuke which may be carved from a nut, a family of turtles, and two squirrels sitting in a basket. I added more netsuke to my collection, one probably carved of a hardwood, shows two mice and a slug on a nut. Another carved of bone shows a rabbit sitting on a turtle. One of the rabbit's ears was broken. Life can be rough in the wild.

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