Sculptures from Summer 2006

by Alex J. Feingold

On this page are the sculpture projects I have completed in Summer 2006. As more are completed they will be added.

On another page I have shown a bronze kinetic sound sculpture made with a black walnut base, which added considerably to the appearance and sound quality of the piece. I had two more planks of that wood, and I wanted to use them to make two more kinetic sound sculptures. I made one with the simplest rod pattern based on the Lie algebra of type A2, seven rods in a hexagon including one in the center, the same as shown on another page, but with top rods 3/4" x 4", so the sound would be different. The bronze base is approximately 6 1/2" x 8", the walnut base is 16" x 20", and the total height is 54". Here are two pictures of the result.

Picture Here Picture Here

The second plank was used as the base for a larger kinetic sound sculpture based on the Lie algebra of type G2, thirteen rods forming two hexagons and one in the center. But I wanted to use at the top of the center rod (representing the Cartan subalgebra) the bronze bell I had cast with the curved hexagonal pattern. The inner hexagon would nestle into the curves of that pattern, and the outer hexagon would be aligned with the cusps of the pattern on the bell. The other twelve rods have at their tops cylinders 1" x 4", the bronze base is 10" x 12", the walnut base is 17" x 24", and the total height of the sculpture is 50". Here are three pictures.

Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here

I had three pieces of rare Brazillian wood which I bought some time ago intending to carve them into the kind of torus with embedded surface which was my first stone sculpture inspired by Ferguson. But I wanted these to have cross section like the hypocycloid used by Ferguson. I also had one piece of marble given to me by Ferguson, which was close to that shape. They are done, and are shown below. The wood tori are approximately 6" in diameter and the stone torus is a little less than 5" in diameter.

Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here

I bought a small block of soft stone (4" on each side, alabaster or soapstone) in Berlington, VT, and carved it into the following sculpture. I later donated it to the Art/Travel Auction at our public radio/TV station WSKG, where it sold for $95.

Picture Here Picture Here

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