Upstate New York Online Number Theory Colloquium

Purpose and Scope: To give a platform for high-level talks in all areas of Number Theory and related branches of mathematics, for the benefit of the world-wide mathematical community and the Number Theory group of the Upstate New York region. The topics of local interest and strength include, in particular, Arithmetic Dynamics, p-adic Analysis, Function Field Arithmetic, Galois Representations, Iwasawa Theory, Modular Forms, Integer Polynomials, and Arakelov theory. We also plan to have talks on a broader range of topics: Analytic Number Theory, Combinatorial Number Theory, Algebraic Number Theory, Geometry of Numbers, Arithmetic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Discrete Geometry, Tropical Geometry, Combinatorics, Representation Theory, Algebra, Mathematical Logic, Category Theory, Cryptography, etc.

Dates and Times: Mondays at noon EST (New York time), generally bi-weekly. Times and dates may change occasionally to accommodate speakers and participants from other regions of the globe.

Alexander Borisov, Binghamton University;
C. Douglas Haessig, University of Rochester;
Jeff Hatley, Union College;
Ravi Ramakrishna, Cornell University;
Dinesh Thakur, University of Rochester;
David Zywina, Cornell University;

Mailing List: contact Alexander Borisov
Mailing List participants will be emailed the Zoom link and password on Sundays. You can also use the link and password below (please refresh the page before proceeding):

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Password Hint: The value of 1+2+...+200

Past Talks (June 2020 -- current)

We are taking a break over the summer, with no regular lectures scheduled. We will resume bi-weekly lectures in the Fall. Schedule will be posted later. Tentative time: Thursdays, 2 pm EST.

Upcoming Talks

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