Alexander Borisov's Selected Talks

Measuring the Polygons, Harrington STEM Lecture Series,SUNY New Paltz, 2023.
Bi-Euclidean Spaces and Coherent Sheaves on Arakelov Curves, Intercity Seminar on Arakelov Geometry, Regensburg, September 2021.
Projective Geometry Approach to the Jacobian Conjecture, Zoom Algebraic Geometry seminar, October 2020.
Lattice simplices with few points inside: the birational geometry connection, Einstein Workshop, FU Berlin, December 2019.
Birational Approach to the Jacobian Conjecture, Johns Hopkins University Alegbraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar, March 2013.
Convolution Structures and Arithmetic Cohomology, Binghamton University Colloquium, November 2012.