Sculptures from Spring and Summer 2016

by Alex J. Feingold

On this page will be pictures of sculptures I made in Spring 2016. I am also proud to own sculptures made by other artists whose work I admire. The three pictures below show pendants made by 3D printing at by three different artists. The first is the work of Bathsheba Grossman, a well-known sculptor whose work can be seen on her website and on her Shapeways shop at this link: Bathsheba Sculpture, The second is the work of an artist who calls himself ``MindEversion", with Shapeways shop at the following link: MindEversion, The third is the work of another artist whose shop is called ``stop4stuff", which can be found here: stop4stuff,

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On Jan. 1, 2016, I finished a wooden sculpture made from Timborana wood. It contains two linked knots, each one a (2,3) torus knot, dividing the surface of the torus into two regions, a valley and a hill, which together fill up the surface of the torus. Each one goes around the torus 2 times, and through the center hole 3 times, before coming back to a starting point. Below are three views, the two sides, and an angled view.

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On Jan. 18, 2016, I finished two small wooden twist sculptures, each made, as I have made before, from the center cylinder drilled out of a block of wood I will later carve into a torus knot. One of these is made of Cocobolo wood, and is about 2 and 5/8" tall with diameter 2.5", having come from a block of size 3"x8"x8". The other one is made from a 2.5"x6"x6" block of Big Leaf Maple Burl, so it has very interesting grain and some random inclusions. The twist came out to be 2.5" high and 1.5" in diameter. Below is a picture of them standing next to each other.

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On Jan. 21, 2016, I received from Shapeways two new copies of knots I have designed as jewelry, plated in gold. One is the Tubular Torus (3,5) Knot with an 18K gold plating over brass, and the other is the Mobius Figure 8 Knot (with hypocycloid cross section, twisted so that it has one side and one edge) made with a 14K Rose gold plating over brass. Below are pictures of them side-by-side, and separately. I find it hard to see the difference between the 18K gold plating and the polished bronze versions I got before. Maybe the gold will not tarnish or get a patina over time as the bronze would.

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On June 16, 2016, I completed a (4,5) torus knot carved from a 2.5"x6"x6" block of Big Leaf Maple Burl. It has very interesting grain and distinctive inclusions. Here are pictures of it, front, back and side views.

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On June 29, 2016, I completed a (3,5) torus knot carved from a 3"x8"x8" block of Cocobolo wood. This is the largest piece of Cocobolo I have ever carved. Here are pictures of it, front, back and side views.

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On August 19, 2016, I received from Shapeways a 3D printed copy of my latest design, the Groovy (3,5) Torus Knot, shown below. It is a torus 3.5" in diameter with a groove forming a (3,5) torus knot. A steel ball bearing can roll around in the groove, but it takes three complete circuits of the torus for the ball to get back to its starting point in the groove. I had the torus printed in blue, but the groove was a bit too small for the .25" diameter ball bearing, so I had to use a dremmil tool to enlarge the groove a bit, changing the color in the groove. I then used color pens to mark the groove into three sections, so you can easily see that the ball goes from one section to another each time it goes around the torus. The next version has been fixed, I hope, to avoid this problem.

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