Sculptures from Fall 2019

by Alex J. Feingold

On this page will be pictures of sculptures I made in Fall 2019.

The first sculpture, completed on September 24, 2019, was a (3,5) torus knot carved from a 1.25"x6"x6" block of Black Mesquite wood. The final carving is 1" thick and 5.5" in diameter. Here are pictures of the two sides and one from an angle of the completed carving, and one more picture of an earlier stage next to another piece of the same kind of wood at an even earlier stage.

Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here

On November 14, 2019, I completed another Black_Mesquite (3,5) torus knot carving like the one above. Here are its pictures.

Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here

On November 28, 2019, I completed a Figured Walnut (3,5) torus knot carving. It is 5.5" in diameter and 1.5" thick. Here are its pictures.

Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here

On December 25, 2019, I completed a Sirari Rosewood (3,5) torus knot carving. It is 5.75" in diameter and 1.25" thick. Here are pictures of both sides and an angled view.

Picture Here Picture Here Picture Here

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